Current Efforts…

  1. According to the modern requirements of the present era, different types of workshops are being organized to make computer and social education standardized.
  2. Teachers training programs are being implemented in order to raise standard education.
  3. According to the requirements of the era, the supply of books to various educational institutions is being ensured for modern education and information.
  4. Organizations are being informed about various sports-related sports programs to refresh physical and psychological condition.
  5. According to the hygiene principles, measures related to preventing various diseases are informed to public awareness.
  6. All information related to nutrition, healthcare and all other essential factors is provided to prevent diseases.
  7. In the backward areas, local dispensaries and veterinarians are being made locally for treatment facilities.
  8. Various technical, training programs are organized to make women and gentlemen skilled.
  9. In the backward areas of the Punjab Special training is provided specially to provide various employment opportunities, sewing embroidery, computer and beauty and other crafts.
  10. Many seminars are being conducted in various areas to protect human rights deficit
  11. Most of the economy of the country is based on agriculture various training workshops are being set up in all the areas across Punjab to achieve better production of their dear farmers.
  12. According to the present-day requirements, survey of all the areas across Punjab for the lack of necessity of life is continuing.
  13. According to the survey, highlighting the needs of different areas to high officials and taking measures to resolve these problems.
  14. Use of fresh seeds for better production and using proper fertilizers, customized water is used to prepare good land preparation and all other issues related to farmers are trained.
  15. Various programs are implemented in the process of protecting different motives, endangerment, prejudices and sectarianism and establishing peace and security.
  16. The relevant department for the need and development of all the areas extreme efforts are being made to eliminate access and problems to higher officials.
  17. With the rapid growth of country honorable citizens belonging to all the fields of life feelings are being made through different programs to make a positive contribution that every Pakistani has the right to play a positive role in its development.
  18. Orphan, Helpless, Deserving, Poor Children present in country Housing of elderly women and gentlemen and their needs of life for the establishment of institutions, the attention of the government institutions is being given to this program.
  19. Lack of employment and due to unemployment, for achieving physical training to educated young men and women trying to ensure trend towards government institutions.
  20. To accomplish hundred percent (100%) of the above mentioned targets, efforts are being made to achieve the required funds from the government and non-governmental national and international donors and the eligible people.