Aims and Objectives…

  1. Education promotion especially to educate the uneducated people.
  2. Establishment of schools and educational institute.
  3. Establishment of Libraries.
  4. Establishment and promotion of science and craftsmanship school.
  5. Salvation from dangerous diseases and create awareness in the public for specific diseases.
  6. Holding medical camps in backward areas.
  7. Creating all the relief and charitable institutions.
  8. Public, in particular to educate children in the formation of Pakistan’s motives.
  9. Avoiding new generation from existing not religious trends and to promote Islamic civilization and culture.
  10. Different sports arrangements to improve physical health and fitness of students.
  11. Providing financial assistance, supply books and all other educational facilities to eligible students.
  12. For the society’s sub institutes contained on male and female, the appointment of teacher management and other staff.
  13. Getting funding from Government agencies and various donors and spending on society goals.
  14. Organizing various seminars for the awareness of education, health and human rights in Punjab.
  15. To make improvement in all field of life, survey all over the Punjab and report to relevant department and all possible measures for all deprivations and needs of areas.
  16. Establishment of special educational institutions for orphan workers, helpless and deserving children.
  17. Organizing various technical training programs for women and men for employment.
  18. to clean Pakistan from anarchy, Sectarianism, All prejudices and lenity and to make full effort to establish peace and harmony.
  19. Society will be completely non-political, non-groups and non-sectarian.
  20. Society is basically established as a charitable social and welfare committee.