About Us


Ittihad welfare organization is a charitable organization. Which was established in 2001.  Which has had many of its services in the field of life. Even before registering, there are high-profile services whose registration was implemented in the year 2004, under the Society Act 1860. All the member of the institute always worked hard in front of the feelings of the service, and continued to feature its performance significantly, where there are numerous services of the organization.

Here are some activities…

  1. There is a large number of poverty in backward areas of Punjab and Those people are often deprived of the needs of life There is also lack of education In such areas organization is supporting, “45” private / public schools where all students cannot afford their educational expenses in such areas organization is playing an important role in improving education and raising quality education of “6750” students.
  2. Besides that education and training of orphan children and to end up Inferiority a special institution “Pakistan Sweet Home” has been approved by the Government of Pakistan for such orphan children. In which orphan and helpless children their food and education, all other educational needs and all the necessities of life have played their full role in providing the highest standard of life. So far, “28” such institutions have been set up in various districts across the country. In which the “2800” children’s are getting benefit to stay and Higher education, training and standard development. Today these children will be the architect of Pakistan who will not only contribute to changing the fate of their families but also play a positive role in the Construction and development of the country and nation. According to the policy, such institutions will be established in all the districts and tehsils of the country in the coming period. So that all orphans and helpless children are protected from negative activities by getting training from these institutions, they can play a full role in the prosperity environment, peace and security, construction and development of the country. This is the great pleasure and hard work of ittihad welfare organization that done a great deal by making attention of the top officials and focusing on this important program. This is the hard work of the same organizations where “2800” children are getting beneficial. All facilities in the near future will be provided to all such children across Pakistan. Apart from this, the backward areas of Punjab the organization have many services in Cholistan. Which includes education, health, strong pools, hand pumps, domestic vegetable preparation, bucket irrigation system, dispensaries, and veterans, farming training and other programs like awareness in all other areas of life. The organization has played a major role in these great activities. from 2001 to 2017 by increasing work circle through hard working days and night  own identity and example has been made in the entire Punjab.

Aims and Objectives…

  1. Education promotion especially to educate the uneducated people.
  2. Establishment of schools and educational institute.
  3. Establishment of Libraries.
  4. Establishment and promotion of science and craftsmanship school.
  5. Salvation from dangerous diseases and create awareness in the public for specific diseases.
  6. Holding medical camps in backward areas.
  7. Creating all the relief and charitable institutions.
  8. Public, in particular to educate children in the formation of Pakistan’s motives.
  9. Avoiding new generation from existing not religious trends and to promote Islamic civilization and culture.
  10. Different sports arrangements to improve physical health and fitness of students.
  11. Providing financial assistance, supply books and all other educational facilities to eligible students.
  12. For the society’s sub institutes contained on male and female, the appointment of teacher management and other staff.
  13. Getting funding from Government agencies and various donors and spending on society goals.
  14. Organizing various seminars for the awareness of education, health and human rights in Punjab.
  15. To make improvement in all field of life, survey all over the Punjab and report to relevant department and all possible measures for all deprivations and needs of areas.
  16. Establishment of special educational institutions for orphan workers, helpless and deserving children.
  17. Organizing various technical training programs for women and men for employment.
  18. to clean Pakistan from anarchy, Sectarianism, All prejudices and lenity and to make full effort to establish peace and harmony.
  19. Society will be completely non-political, non-groups and non-sectarian.
  20. Society is basically established as a charitable social and welfare committee.

Current Efforts…

  1. According to the modern requirements of the present era, different types of workshops are being organized to make computer and social education standardized.
  2. Teachers training programs are being implemented in order to raise standard education.
  3. According to the requirements of the era, the supply of books to various educational institutions is being ensured for modern education and information.
  4. Organizations are being informed about various sports-related sports programs to refresh physical and psychological condition.
  5. According to the hygiene principles, measures related to preventing various diseases are informed to public awareness.
  6. All information related to nutrition, healthcare and all other essential factors is provided to prevent diseases.
  7. In the backward areas, local dispensaries and veterinarians are being made locally for treatment facilities.
  8. Various technical, training programs are organized to make women and gentlemen skilled.
  9. In the backward areas of the Punjab Special training is provided specially to provide various employment opportunities, sewing embroidery, computer and beauty and other crafts.
  10. Many seminars are being conducted in various areas to protect human rights deficit
  11. Most of the economy of the country is based on agriculture various training workshops are being set up in all the areas across Punjab to achieve better production of their dear farmers.
  12. According to the present-day requirements, survey of all the areas across Punjab for the lack of necessity of life is continuing.
  13. According to the survey, highlighting the needs of different areas to high officials and taking measures to resolve these problems.
  14. Use of fresh seeds for better production and using proper fertilizers, customized water is used to prepare good land preparation and all other issues related to farmers are trained.
  15. Various programs are implemented in the process of protecting different motives, endangerment, prejudices and sectarianism and establishing peace and security.
  16. The relevant department for the need and development of all the areas extreme efforts are being made to eliminate access and problems to higher officials.
  17. With the rapid growth of country honorable citizens belonging to all the fields of life feelings are being made through different programs to make a positive contribution that every Pakistani has the right to play a positive role in its development.
  18. Orphan, Helpless, Deserving, Poor Children present in country Housing of elderly women and gentlemen and their needs of life for the establishment of institutions, the attention of the government institutions is being given to this program.
  19. Lack of employment and due to unemployment, for achieving physical training to educated young men and women trying to ensure trend towards government institutions.
  20. To accomplish hundred percent (100%) of the above mentioned targets, efforts are being made to achieve the required funds from the government and non-governmental national and international donors and the eligible people.

Previous Performance ….


  1. Promoting education and to end of Illiteracy ittihad welfare organization has established 45 educational institutions. In which “6750” students are getting education Ittihad welfare organization is providing technical training to these organization also providing teachers training in these institutions. To raise quality education, clean washrooms, clean drinking water, the overall cleanliness of the institutions, Examination of children at different times and all the other necessary factors guidelines for these institutions are included.
  2. Organizations’ efforts for orphan children are unforgettable. The institution had given a policy to the federal government that Orphans and helpless children whose fathers shadow is raised from the head they lost their well-educated education and training and other facilities of life, due to this deprivation. These children not only lose education and training Rather because of lack of Guardianship somewhere by someone’s hand Moves towards negative activities. Because of which their future and family’s future is dark Along with this, the country also proves to be extremely hazardous and harmful.  For all those children in homeland established high and standard institutes and provide high quality education and training.                    This request was sent by Pakistan Bait-ul-mal to the federal government so this new department is approved. President Asif Ali Zardari inaugurated this program in 2009 in Bahawalpur. Ittihad welfare organization played important role from survey to discover orphans and needy children’s in choosing and bringing them to the institutions and fully support to government. These institutions, which are known as Pakistan Sweet Home There are currently 28 such centers established in the country in which 2800 orphans and needy children are staying and are benefiting from high-quality education and all other necessities and facilities of life.

Ittihad Welfare Organization Regarded is a significant and unforgettable service from its services.

  1. The institution is not behind anyone in technical education. Ittihad welfare organization has shelter services for providing technical training for employment. Punjab Scale Development Funds established Technical Institutes in Islamabad have made various technical training across Punjab to 350 students. We have conducted a number of training to 500 women’s in vocational sewing bracelet computer and beautician. Apart from this National rural support Program under National Program 250 women have been trained to make a carpet.
  2. In Bahawalpur Tehsil Yazman union council 105 Derawar cholistan has established a madrasa named “Madrasa Arabia Taleem-ul-Quran. In addition to religious education, primary education is also given. Since 2001 till now Hundreds of students have benefited.


  1. Healthcare facilities are essential to human life as far as possible. In Punjab Bahawalpur adjoining Cholistan Where the necessities lack all the facilities of life. Preference to this area many services performed in this backward area.

In these many services add health to our preferences in Cholistan union council 105 Derawar where no healthcare facility was available. Neither was a veterinary hospital for treatment of animals. According to sources area mentioned above establish dispensary and veterinary and demonstrated golden measures. Chak Numbers 12/DRB organized a dispensary in Cholistan. And because of not being a doctor in the veterinary. By the way of NRSP in Islamabad trained a boy in veterinary and played a positive role in the end of deprivation in this area. Otherwise, employment of people is only on animals due to lack of facilities of treatment, many animals die and most poor farmers often suffer losses.

  1. Cholistan which is a widespread area of 66 million acres this area was largely deprived of healthcare facilities. Organization worked hard for this region special and all possible efforts for the public health. After Cholistan Survey told to Cholistan development Authority that After all, as well as health facilities are not available in these area. Most of them are in the area healthcare facilities were made possible on identifying the organization.
  2. People of Cholistan profession have to feed animals. Their diet and water depend on natural rain from which naturally grows grass in the desert and the water is collected on depth and strong places .Those Cholistani animals eat and drink that collected rain water. When There is a lot of rain then the animals and their owners reached near to the frontier of India’s border in the Cholistan desert and when there is no rain, be dry then, these people came back into the Pakistani populated areas thus the migration and immigration of these people continued. In this situation there and their animal’s treatment was a serious problem. Ittihad Welfare Organization has resolved through the establishment of mobile dispensaries from Cholistan Development Authority (CDA). From now on where they migrate dispensaries keeps working as well which is one of the ideal services of (IWO).
  3. Especially rural and backward areas across Punjab where literacy rate is low People have a lack of awareness. Use of better nutrients through different seminars in such areas across Punjab including Cholistan such people according to their environment cleaning and measures for prevention of diseases Programs have been conducted several times in the wake of all the factors involved in other fields of life.


  1. The lack of water for farming in Cholistan often takes place and in this low water rough Stream also waste water. The construction of strong stream is also necessary to avoid water loss. In this regard, with funding of (PPAF) and mobilization of (NRSP) in Chak No. 11/DRB in Cholistan built a strong stream with cost of Rs: 3,500,000/- from Which farmers benefited much. Where their 5, 5 acres were irrigated There are 7, 7 acres being irrigated. The water wastage due to the raw stream, it was avoided.
  2. Due to lack of rain and water Cholistan often suffer droughts disaster from which not only the animal’s drinking water not available but human beings are also in trouble. In view of these problems, many schemes of water supply throughout Cholistan have been completed with help of the various departments. In which a strong pool is constructed between the population of 10/DBR Cholistan with cost of 12,000/- Which does not end up water for three months During the dry season, humans and animals are able to drink water. There is no such problem that go to remote areas for searching water. Apart from this, the Cholistan Development Authority has constructed pool and many other source to water store in many places in Cholistan. Now there are many sources of drinking water for humans and animals till border line. In these schemes, Ittihad welfare organization is also involved.
  3. Apart from this, in Cholistan, backward and rural areas across Punjab bridges are constructed upon stream presented in link road and earth roads the number of which is 150. Which includes financial assistance of District Council, Tehsil Council, Union Council and (PPAF).
  4. For the homes of Cholistan where other needs were lack of life. Due to distance from the city there was a lot of problems in cooking and in the pursuit of vegetable for daily food. Water scarcity was a major obstacle to the production of self-domestic vegetables. With the help of (NRSP) 300 houses were dispatched through bucket drip irrigation system to prepare vegetables according to their needs. From which every home can prepare the desired vegetables for your needs.
  5. It is an unforgettable effort of the Ittihad Welfare Organization in the backward and drought-affected region.

Human Rights…

  1. Allah Almighty has placed human highest of all creatures. There is a great reward for human in the sight of Allah. And Creator Universe has a great love from humans that’s why 18,000 creatures make humans the most noble. Even gave more noble position to human than Angels.  But the value was made to human beings their rights were too much compulsory for each other.                                                        As far as rights are concerned. There are two major rights.
  2.  Right to Allah     human rights

The rights of Allah Almighty are the rights of Allah. The human having duty to complete this. That creator has blessed millions of blessings it is also our obligation that we spend every moment on the grateful obedience of Allah Almighty Do not do that Which cause anger of Allah Almighty and all such actions are to be followed which cause of Pleasure for Allah Almighty. In this human have welfare success and survival.

  1. The rights of humans are the rights of parents, teachers, elders, children, neighbors and poor. Whose responsibility is very important? In them laziness, Carelessness, negligence will be caused by shame and punishment. Our religion Islam also says that which thing you like for yourself same for others. The pain of others, sympathy, Grief name is humanity. The name of humanity is to work for others in Sadness pain, Trouble, Problems, Unbelievable and helpless. A process in others sympathy can also be a source of success and forgiveness. And a cruelty with others can also make you failed, ruined, destructive, and in hell.
  2. In this universe where we have a lot of responsibilities. This include fast pace of growth there are many requirements and engagement. In the eyes of a superior person the biggest responsibility and success is to work for others and other humanity is to share the pain with others. Regarding these attributes human beings have been ranked above all creatures.
  3. A social worker organization, society or trust also includes the same in the objectives that make the service of humanity a pillar of your life Work with full taste and attitude. Human rights and privileges given to the highest priority. Understand the main purpose of your life to Violations of Human Rights, Injustice with humanity and the end of oppression.

Ittihad Welfare Organization feeling its greatest responsibility that Continuous in 12 years of its service held a number of seminars for Increasing utility and favor of human rights. This service is the biggest responsibility for institution.


  1. As humans are very great and cute creatures of Allah Almighty. In the present and fastest race in the world skills are necessary for all fields of life. Than human according to this modern era requirements creating a positive society, Civilizations and may be toward Successful life. Otherwise, people will live away from success and beautiful life. As a human being will have difficulty in dealing with our responsibilities and duties not only play an important role in our nation and country Rather, it will be difficult for family members and even in personal matters with awareness not only will you play a positive role for your home and family. But also it will play a major role in the development for the nation and county,
  2. The awareness for successful life is very important. There is no sector in the world whether it is a personal business or job, Farmer or Trader if you have awareness than you will successfully perform your work then there will be prosperity and success and you will make your name in department, in the area of society and street. If you are not aware of awareness, then you will not get your name and place. The Society, village, city or street rather doing harm to your business, it will be completely failed. Awareness and understanding is very important in every field of life.
  3. There are many services of Ittihad welfare organization. Education, Health, Development, Agriculture, Survey there awareness has most important position. Understanding awareness is basic and necessary in every fields of life. Constantly since 2004 till now working on awareness. Most areas of Punjab prefer especially rural and backward areas. Seminars are organized on awareness in different areas at different times and People are trained with the help of different experts and so far there are very good results. People have a lot of consciousness and awareness. Civilizations and discipline have been quite active.
  4. As far as awareness is concerned most areas of Punjab deserve to supply it. Especially south Punjab rural and backward areas especially include Cholistan where the literacy rate is equal to nothing. The Cholistani people did not get education in the past period due to the Relocation. For that reason which lacks awareness. Therefore as far as awareness is concerned Cholistan is most deserving. Ittihad welfare organization is providing awareness on priority basis in area mentioned above.
  5. Since 2004, continuously many programs and seminars have been organized. from which cleaning, uses of balanced foods, prevention from different types of diseases, Particular measures for prevention of all diseases on earth and these creatures living under the blue roof The training of those people, awareness and training of living method continuous continuously. Which they deserve. The organization has got so many good results till now.


  1. As we all know, the economy of the Pakistan is mostly dependent on the agriculture. Therefore, it is extremely important to enable this sector to be active. So that to gain better production, our farmers are also strengthened and country economy could also be stabilized. Ittihad welfare Organizing is also keeping the agriculture very high level in its services. There is a lot of work in this sector. Since 2004 efforts have been made to improve the work better than every day. In this sector all areas across Punjab especially rural areas where all people are associated with farming. There on regular basis with full work and dedication day and night there are ongoing efforts to improve in this sector through hard work.
  2. Today’s in modern era also requires technical work on agriculture and training is also very important So that seeds of all crops are being introduced in the market Information about them And use of different types of seeds in different areas So that’s to get the better average and the time of cultivation of these seeds Various ways of dwarf these different seeds. Land preparation method according to the type of seeds and by seed type how to water them and use of chemical and other fertilizers after the land test, also Pesticide and quality of medicines to eliminate herbs, their use period By following all these factors the crop can be cultivated better and use of water according to need, better average can be achieved by using Pesticides and medicines to eliminate herbs.
  3. Ittihad welfare organization is busy day and night in favor of responsibilities and duties for farmers training and to enable the sector of agriculture. In present era customization in rural and backward areas across Punjab serving all preferred and other areas of farming. In all such areas with experts help many seminars and training programs are being organized. Different area environment and cultivate crops according to land and from farming them to take full preparation and till harvesting all the duration of the training is provided. So that our farmers use fertilizers and customized seeds and medicines and get a better average. Avoid from spending unnecessary and uncomfortable cost, So that you could get good output from lower cost. From which not only can our farmers be economically stable But also make your dear country Pakistan economically strong.

Apart from that there also provide a special focus on the problems of farmers in this sector in which Water problems, helping to strong the stream, Construction of strong roads to reach in minutes from villages to cities Even to solve all these problems Ittihad welfare organization is working hard and with full dedication. Discover the problems of farmers to convey them to the relevant authorities and all possible steps are included to solve all these problems and all this is being done in most areas of Punjab. Farmers are trained by seminar and programs organized in different areas on every harvesting occasion. from which are getting very good results and organization has succeeded in bringing the improvement in this important sector and over time new things farmers are informed and also provide complete training to use them.


  1. Ittihad welfare organization having exemplary Services of hard working. There is a long list of institutional services. Organization is serving in many fields which is being actively enabled every day and where According to time requirements the areas which need to be improved. According to our policy work is done. This is secret for better result and success that such backward and needy areas are surveyed then, according to the survey work is done and steps taken that are needed.
  2. There is a specific style and a specific method of survey according to which it works. It is surveyed above the approved form from which all the data is collected that how is the life of the people here? What are the employment resources and issues? What are the educational needs, facilities and issues? What is the healthcare resource in the area? What are the requirements and resources? What is the situation of construction work in the area? Are there strong roads or not? What obstacles are there for people to come to the cities, schools and the desired institutions? Farmer problems are especially seen they are farming their crops in land. What is the average rate? Where does it need to improve? Modern seeds are being used or not? How is the preparation of the land? And how can it be improved? Preparation of land according to quality, use of water, use of seeds and how is the use of medicines for insects and to eliminate herbs. By reviewing all these things by surveying take all the necessary and potential steps and efforts are made to bring improvement.
  3. Apart from this, law and order situation in the area education, health and acceptance of human rights and what is the situation of Protection, The love of the country and nation in the minds of people, how far utility of value and glory is it? Trend people are towards education, understanding, living in accordance with the principles of health and what are the ways to eat food? How to improve them and need to be active. Apart from this, the country loves its positive role in the development of the country, passion of patriotism and Integrity of country. Grouping, Sectarianism, prejudices, the situation of other negative activities and all the necessary steps to eliminate them. customization according to the survey, to create awareness in different fields, To enable awareness activity, conduct different seminars and programs and try to get better results. There is a lot of improvement by these efforts of the institution. There are seeing significant changes in People. There is still necessary to work more.
  4. According to the survey, requirements of area, after the overall situation came in the resource area, All this reviewed that how can these problems be solved, how can Ittihad welfare organization play a potential role In these problems and difficulties of the area. Besides that what and where can do in this the relevant government agencies? What do they need to do that the needs of life and these issues may be resolved? Recommendations are also offered to relevant institutions. Ittihad welfare organization already working with hard work in taking all steps bring into action and tries to change the destiny of the region.

Future Steps…

The future policy Ittihad welfare organization will also continue next of the current activities. Rather these services will be made more actively active and our working area will be further enhanced. Area across Punjab where Ittihad welfare organization services are currently not available. If there is a need, than organization will try to provide services to all such required areas and will try to particularly spread awareness across the Punjab. According to need, strong strategy and through seminars providing awareness to people will be ensured. The ongoing activities, education, healthcare, construction work, human rights, and other ongoing services will be expand. Other necessary activities will also be started in the upcoming stages. Government of Pakistan will be appealed to further enhance orphan children’s programs. Like in 28 district in country Orphan children institute name Pakistan sweet homes has established. They have 2,800 such orphans children’s. Who’s advanced bringing up, Education and all the other necessities of life are being provided. Will try that similarly in all the district of the country establish our institutions so that in every region and district to establishment of these institutions not only these children and their families will benefit Rather where these families destiny will change There will be a lot of benefit to the country. These children will play their positive role in the development of country and with skills of these children’s those who are risk to these families and homeland they will also get rid of them and afraid of due to involving in negative activities those children in childhood that will also end. Beside that a strong policy will be made to ensure the education of unemployed and poor children. In which will try for laborers children for providing them to education as well, on daily basis the reasonable compensation is also provided so that the education can be provided to these children by providing employment. Beside that there will be done different attempts to end unemployment. Apart from financial assistance, providing technical training to women and gentlemen, to enable them for employment, wedding gatherings programs for Innocent children of poor families, Establishment of employment sources for widows and unemployed women.

 Activities mentioned above and to complete future steps and to make the services practical the institute has made policy in which using our resources and many government and non-governmental, national and international organizations will need help. The institution will try to achieving its target with help of all such donors’ and gentleman. However the target is difficult. There is trouble and need to hard work in it. All the needs of this area will be delivered to the relevant official high officials and People’s problems will be realized and try to solve their problems. Most of these issues will be resolved through relevant organizations other problems organization will solve itself. To provide awareness is most important. If there is awareness, there is a lot of more work with the workforce. Man can solve his short problems himself by his intelligence wisdom and understanding. Human solve their problems himself with understanding awareness and mutual consensus and where the problem is, the organization tries there that how to solve these problems. The institution itself can resolve this or it should be resolved through relevant government institute. Problems are resolved according to Situation of occasion, Location of area and Situation of problems and the organization is getting good results.